Yvonne Brunsden

Founder & Director

yvonneYvonne was the founder of Dentrain back in 1992.

Yvonne's life has been dedicated to dental nursing and dental nurse training. Yvonne had a vision to create dedicated learning for dental nurses that could be completed at a distance as well as in the classroom.

Yvonne qualified as a dental nurse in 1981 back in the days of mixing amalgam. She worked as a dental nurse for many years in NHS and private practice before moving on to work for the local Community Dental Service. Yvonne then changed roles and moved over to Oral Health Promotion and teaching.

Whilst working as a dental nurse, she furthered her career prospects by gaining qualifications in Oral Health, Teaching, Assessing, Financial Accounts & Management – her qualification list is endless as she was always at college or evening classes.

Yvonne previously held an examiner post for the NEBDN for several years and served time on the NEBDN Quality Assurance Committee.  Yvonne was also a Committee member and Treasurer of the National Oral Health Promotion Group. Although Yvonne is a Director at Dentrain, she has stepped back from the involvement of the day to day running of the business but remains on the governing board.  Yvonne is the accounts director for Dentrain preparing, managing and overseeing end of year accounts.  

​​Yvonne enjoys spending recreational time with family and now has more time to travel the world on holidays seeing different cultures.  Yvonne has been known to enjoy the odd cruise too. Yvonne likes having a good laugh and completing the numerous tasks on her bucket list. In her lifetime she attained 2nd Dan black belt in Karate although now she would be more like Kato from the pink panther film.


Zoe Gee


zoeZoe has many years’ experience being a Registered Dental Nurse working both in general dental practice and the community, holding post qualifications in Sedation Nursing and Oral Health Education, both of which she has now taught for many years and is now the Lead Moderator. As a Director of Dentrain Professionals Ltd, this comes with many roles whilst ensuring delivery of qualifications and apprenticeships are of a high standard whilst also ensuring compliance with key organisations such as the funding agency, Ofsted, the awarding bodies, and regulators. Zoe is the Safeguarding Lead at Dentrain Professionals Ltd ensuring all learners are supported through any safeguarding or well-being issues as well as being the main contact for complaints.

Away from working life, Zoe has a gorgeous French Bulldog called Louis AKA Pooey who she enjoys spending time with and walking. Zoe enjoys shopping and eating out with her two daughters and socialising with friends. You always know when Zoe is in the building; her laugh can be heard from three floors up!


Michelle Porter

Qualification & Apprenticeship Lead

Michelle PorterDuring Michelle's Dental Nursing career, she has worked in a general dental practice holding post qualifications in Sedation Nursing and Oral Health Education both of which, she now Tutors. As Qualification and Apprenticeship Lead, Michelle works with the quality team to develop the qualifications ensuring that criteria and standards are met in a logical order that meets both learner and employer needs and that teaching material is also of a high standard. Michelle works closely alongside other Directors ensuring compliance with key organisations such as the funding agency, Ofsted, the awarding bodies, and regulators.

Outside of work, Michelle spends the majority of her time watching football, whether this be Manchester City where she is a season ticket holder or watching her son play and referee. She also enjoys playing netball and spending time with family and friends whether this being a hike or cooking. Michelle loves a spreadsheet with her motto being "if you want to be organised you must have a spreadsheet!"


Lindsey White

Training Manager & IQA


Lindsey has been a Dental Nurse for many years and started working at Dentrain Professionals Ltd in 2017. Lindsey started at Dentrain as a trainee assessor and has since grown and progressed within the company. Lindsey has an active role as a Level 3 Apprenticeship Trainer as well as progressing to become a Lead Internal Quality Assurer. In addition, Lindsey provides support to other Trainers on a day-to-day basis, whilst being part of the management team and continuously ensures a high standard of delivery of education is maintained.

In Lindsey’s spare time she enjoys going out for nice meals and the odd glass of wine, spending time with family and friends and watching her girls play football for their local club. 


Jana Helbichova

Level 3 Dental Nurse Apprenticeship Trainer & IQA


Since qualifying as a dental nurse, Jana has worked in both NHS and private practices gaining knowledge and experience in many fields of dentistry. Since working for Dentrain Professionals Ltd, Jana’s work ethic has led her progress from being a trainee to becoming a qualified Trainer and Internal Quality Assurer ensuring the quality of delivery of education is maintained.

Jana is passionate about helping learners start their career in Dentistry and to achieve their goals as well as having a fine attention to detail which reflects in the training she provides to learners.

In Jana’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading books and cooking. Jana has a keen interest in living a healthy lifestyle which means she likes to experiment with food and creating new recipes.


Yasmin Houghton

Level 3 Dental Nurse Apprenticeship Trainer & ALN Tutor

yasminYasmin has many years’ experience as a Dental Nurse as well as holding post qualifications in Oral Health Education, Fluoride Application and Decontamination. She started with Dentrain Professionals Ltd as a trainee and is now one of our specialist trained Trainers at Dentrain Professionals Ltd. Yasmin not only provides day to day high quality education to aid with the progression with learners completing the Level 3 Dental Nurse Apprenticeship, but she also works separately to support learners with Additional Learner Needs (ALN). Yasmin is passionate about adapting learning styles to meet learner needs and providing support to learners to achieve their goals in becoming a Qualified Dental Nurse.

In Yasmins spare time, she enjoys exploring new places, hiking, yoga and keeping fit as well as the occasional spa day.


Hannah Marsden

Level 3 Dental Nurse Apprenticeship Trainer

hannahAfter many years of Dental Nurse experience, Hannah developed her role by completing qualifications in Dental Radiography and Sedation Nursing with these additional qualifications providing her with extended knowledge and skills. She didn’t want to stop there and started with Dentrain Professionals Ltd as a trainee and is now a qualified Trainer who also has close connections with the Awarding body helping to develop the qualification we deliver. Hannah is soon to progress further and become an Internal Quality Assurer given she has experience, has attention to detail and has creative ideas to develop high quality education helping learners to succeed with their role in dentistry.

Away from the office, Hannah has a stunning, clever dog called Bear who she enjoys taking out for walks even before sunrise. She enjoys working hard at the gym and getting lost in a book. There’s never a dull moment with Hannah in the office, the sarcasm and banter keeps us all entertained!


Michelle Bundy

Level 3 Dental Nurse Apprenticeship Trainer

Michelle BundyBefore starting at Dentrain Professionals Ltd as a trainee, Michelle was a Lead Dental Nurse at a corporate practice having worked with many Dentists over different practices whilst helping support trainee Dental Nurses progress with their practical skills. This ultimately helps support the training provider (clearly noticed as we were the training provider at Michelle’s last practice). Michelle was keen to develop these skills and is now a qualified Trainer helping support learners grow in confidence and develop their knowledge, skills, and behaviours in one.

In her spare time, she enjoys going for walks with family and her beautiful German Shepard called Arya, she visits local beauty spots as well as venturing out to explore new places. Michelle is a football fan of Bolton Wanderers and occasionally gets to go to the games, but she’s the biggest fan of her daughter who clearly takes after her mum and plays at a weekend with Michelle on the sidelines cheering her on. We all love to hear how she’s getting on because Michelle’s face lights up when she tells us stories!


Sabana Patel

End Point Assessment Tutor

sabanaPrior to starting at Dentrain Professionals Ltd, Sabana had many years experience working in general dental practice as well as in the oral surgery department at Salford Royal and holds a post qualification in Dental Radiography.

Sabana started as trainee with Dentrain and has had many roles since; including being an Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer, she has adapted her role throughout the years to coincide with the changes to how the apprenticeship has been delivered and to meet the company needs. Sabana is passionate about teaching and believes a high level of education is vital in helping each learner reach their potential which has led to her current role of an End Point Assessment Tutor. Within this role, Sabana provides revision sessions both as group sessions and 1-2-1 to help prepare learners for examinations, observations and interviews which are held with the awarding body.

Away from the office, Sabana enjoys eating out with family and friends, having holidays abroad and is another one of our football Mums who is a Liverpool fan. Not forgetting, she makes the most amazing cookies and cakes, we all love a day when Sabana treats us!


Kristina Thistlethwaite

Functional Skills Tutor

kristinaKristina is a very experienced Dental Nurse with experience in Dental implants and periodontal surgery. She began her journey at Dentrain Professionals Ltd as a Dental Nurse Trainer. Kristina showed a keen interest in developing learners English & Maths skills which led to her changing her role and becoming a Functional Skills Tutor.

Kristina’s role is to support learners in developing their English & Maths whilst working towards and achieving the goal of gaining the qualifications.  Kristina finds this an extremely rewarding role, the joy of seeing learners’ happiness when they gain a pass is just one of the many reasons why she so passionate about her job.

Kristina is another keen football Mum, her favourite birthday present from colleagues has been different brightly coloured sports socks to match her sideline outfits. She loves to spend quality time with her family watching all her children take part in their activities whilst also making time for herself enjoying running and spending time with her friends.


Pam Clare

Recruitment Officer

pamFor the majority of Pam’s working career, she has been an accountant with a huge love for Maths. She originally started at Dentrain Professionals Ltd as a Functional Skills Tutor, her other roles included employer and learner engagement. As Dentrain Professionals Ltd expanded, Pam was preparing to retire, although she is a dedicated member of the team who we just don’t want to let go just yet! Pam now focuses on providing a high level of support and guidance to both learners and employers ensuring that the enrolment process runs as smoothly as possible whilst also supporting management ensuring funding rules are being met.

In Pam’s spare time, she enjoys eating out with family and visiting her local cricket club at the weekend, she has a beautiful French Bulldog called Dolly AKA princess.